• Herbal Hot Compress Massage

      This ancient art of healing begins by applying pressure to your body’s energy meridians with a heated compress and is followed by warm herbal poultices to soothe muscle tension and stiffness in key areas.

      • 90mins $30.00
  • Foot Massage

      This gentle stimulation of your feet or hand unblocks channels and allows energy to flow and restore balance to your whole body. This effect relaxes your body, enhances circulation, relieves uncomfortable symptoms and releases stress and built up tension.

      • 60 mins: $13.00 | 120 mins: $20.00
  • Bali Oil Massage

      Traditional massage from Indonesia, this treatment works on your circulation and deep tissue by applying increasing thumb and palm pressure and is ideal for tired and aching muscles.

      • 60 mins: $22.00 | 90 mins: $28.00
  • Stress Relieving Oil Massage

      Designed to relieve tension, this massage uses a mix of essential oils; jasmine, frangipani, lavender, and lemongrass to focus on the most stress prone areas of your back, neck,

      shoulders, head and face.

      • 60 mins: $22.00 | 90 mins: $28.00
  • Aromatherapy Oil Massage

      This relaxing massage uses therapeutic oils to stimulate your entire body. The massage activates the body’s nerve endings and increa- ses blood circulation.

        • 60mins: $22
        • 90mins: $28
  • Face and Head Massage

      This soothing massage is an effective treatment for headaches. Pressure may vary from gentle and moderate to your preference. Afterwards a gentle but firm facial massage will soothe away ex- haustion and anxiety, leaving you feeling well with a healthy glo- wing complexion.

        • 60mins::$15